Stephen Dudding LLB

Stephen is the Senior Partner and has been a lawyer since 1973. As a general practitioner he has a real interest in the extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people; buying and selling houses, businesses, death and illness, divorce, debts and wealth creation.

Stephen also specialises in copyright and film and television contracting.

He is blessed with a large and loving family - he has three daughters and (so far) eight grand daughters. Family life has given him a very specific way of looking at law and legal services; everything that you do legally, from preparing a will to setting up businesses, has impact on three or more generations, and the legal structures must protect and serve all those generations.

One of his greatest skills is the ability to see the wood for the trees during times of crisis for people.

He is lucky enough to love his work and his clients.

Tel: +64 9 912 8510