What we do

Paxton-Penman et al is a reputable firm which is committed to the provision of indefectible and professional service to its clients in relation to all property and commercial matters. The Partners of the firm have strategically employed staff who can offer a holistic service to the client, so that when the client comes to see us about buying or selling a house, we can ensure that all their property needs are met from the drafting of a relationship property agreement, to settlement of Family or Trading Trusts, right through to the provision of Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney. This strategic planning is based on the rationale that peoples lives are not isolated or compartmentalised, and so the ownership of property impacts on them during their life, during the extraordinary things that happen in their lives and also on their death. It is difficult to list all the services which the firm undertakes on behalf of clients, so if you have a legal enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. You might be surprised! View our services.

This firm is about you - about providing an individual service reflective of individual needs - but which appreciates that you are part of a bigger community. We look forward to working with you.