What's in a name?

Stephanie Paxton-Penman and Stephen Dudding wanted to create a firm which was reflective of their practices and their idea of what it is to be a lawyer. Paxton-Penman et al simply means Paxton-Penman and others. Et al is short for et alia, which is a Latin word meaning "and others". It is a term which is used in law, mainly in the recording of case law. However, it says so much about who we are, as it signifies that the Partners believe that the firm only exists because of everybody who plays a part in it; that is the Partners, the employees and the clients. Without any of those attributes, the firm would not be what is.

It is also significant in that it is very traditional; there has been a move away from using the traditional Partners' names for law firms, towards more exciting, racy, modern names. The Partners wanted to ensure that the name was reflective of the tradition of law but with an edge, and that is the type of practice we see Paxton-Penmen et al being, a firm which is committed to traditional methods of practice (client service, instrumental in client lives, etc) but that had an edge. When you come to see us, you will notice this.

Our offices are not typical of a law firm, the way we dress is not typical of lawyers, but the way we practice is very professional, service orientated, and committed to the provision of legal services in a manner which is the best that we can possibly be. To read more about our senior staff, view the legal team on the website. In addition to the senior practitioners, we have legal executives and amazing support staff.